I came in from smoking and i heard noise from Rafa’s room, ma was tending to him although it seemed she was making him worse. Rafa lay on the bed which was white but stained red. Ma cleaned his mouth and dampened his head with a hot towel. Rafa was skinnier than usual with his […]

I think that Macbeth is both a tragic hero and a butcher in the story. This is because he varies between these two personalities at the start but the more he kills the more of a butcher he becomes. This is shown in the story as how he did not want to kill the king […]

The literary genre of science fiction is diverse, and its exact definition remains a contested question among both scholars and devotees. This lack of consensus is reflected in debates about the genre’s history, particularly over determining its exact origins. There are two broad camps of thought, one that identifies the genre’s roots in early fantastical works […]

It was a dark night and I wondered if I was going to survive. My name is James I live under ground just like the rest of my world. Long story short we were dominated by our own robots so we’re stranded here.

It was morning and I woke got up weakly out of my bed, the dust from the rock ceiling made me cough. Every morning I think to my self, in the stench of others feet, how we’re going to survive. Every year one person goes up top to see if they can infiltrate hell (robot making factory) and every year none of them return and they were choosing this Friday. How will we escape this I thought what can we do, all of a sudden I heard a shout, it was my mum, “James come.”  Breakfast as usual was oats just like every other meal of the day, once I was done eating I went to go do my duty as cleaner, its a horrible job but I can’t do nothing about it if you disobey the king you get banished by the king (Charles Lincon) but on the bright side I get to meet my friends Adam and Luke. So finally I walked through the museum as right behind was the rubbish factory were I met my friends waiting outside as usual. Continue reading

I think Reeve creates an effective character with Shrike as he has many sides to himself and very intimidating. Every time Shrike is introduced into a situation it seems hopeless as everyone knows what a stalker (Shrike) is capable of. In the description of him in the book it says he has green eyes,sharp talons,tubes […]

The play is called King Lear (which was written by Shakespeare) shows competition between his 3 daughters; they want their father’s land. However, the two sisters – Regan and Goneril – lie to their father, which makes him like them more. Although Cordelia told her father the truth,she didn’t woe her father,this is,what made him […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway